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Artist and Author

Award winning Books

Some of adalucia's books are: "Micaela: la novela", "Micaela:Despertar en Poesia/Waking up to Poetry", "The Magic of Clay", "La chica de Mendiburo", "The song of the Coconut", "Jesus' Birthday Gift"

Winner of 7 awards at the 2013 International Latino Book Awards Best "Use of Illustrations Inside the Book" - FIRST PLACE Best "Children's Fiction Picture Book" - Bilingual - SECOND PLACE Best "Interior Book Design" - SECOND PLACE Most "Inspirational Children's Picture Book" - HONORABLE MENTION Most "Inspirational Young Adult Book" - HONORABLE MENTION Best "Cover Design" - HONORABLE MENTION Best "Cover Illustration" - HONORABLE MENTION

Finalist at the 2015 International Latino Book Awards in 4 categories! -Best "Young Adult Latino Focused Book" (Spanish or Bilingual) -Best Young "Adult Fiction Book (Spanish or Bilingual) " -Best "Educational Young Adult Book" -Best "Cover Illustration "

The Magic of Clay is not only a teaching tool that will be welcomed by clay artists and educators, but this book really inspires its readers to want to work with clay. Its simple language helps beginners understand basic facts and the wonderful illustrations make complex concepts interesting and easy to comprehend.

The song of the coconut-Winner of three awards at the 2009 International Latino Book Awards Best Educational Children's Book in English!

She writes and illustrates the best children's books and spanish classrooms books around, also The magic of clay art book has clear explanation and great for all ages.

Mouse pads

"Beautiful Mouse pads", Adalucia sells mousepads that she illustrated and designed. These mouse pads are pretty, unique, and are "great quality" mouse pads.

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