My Personal Notes

The links below contain my personal notes for each of my three novels.

    - La chica notes
    - Micaela notes
    - La hija de la lavandera notes

I used these notes while teaching with my books to my students. They may be useful to Spanish/Dual Language teachers using my novels in classroom settings. The students will be exposed to at least 10 different Latin American and Spanish authors (poets and writers) in each novel. The poems/authors are intermingled in the story, so studens will lean literature in a fun, easy way.

Native speakers as young as ten years old are able to read these pages. And, the content is suitable for older audiences as well. I have taught with these novels in Middle School, High School and College. Even edlerly students in their eighties (in a private setting) are able to learn and enjoy my books. I went by the AP Spanish Literature requirements to make sure those authors were included in all three novels.

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